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 Wonders never cease.

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Wonders never cease. Empty
PostSubject: Wonders never cease.   Wonders never cease. I_icon_minitimeSat May 31, 2008 6:12 pm

The Gods drop their hammers with might upon the celestial anvil causing horrifying storms. Storms that rage through mens hearts minds and bodies. Causing the mightiest of men to cower at their mere mention. Only to exact their vengeance upon those that are helpless, trapped in their own prisons.

Starved, beaten, tortured souls cry out silently as they in turn strike at their neighbor. Feeling a small measure of satisfaction, they are then rewarded with yet more violence.

The elderly man assaults his son, as his son beats his children. The children grow and return the beatings inflicted upon them upon those they received it from, ending the beginning yet become a new beginning upon themselves. In time many learn to build others through false praise and become more powerful than those that inflict the physical pains that heal in time.

False smiles, gifts and praise. The tools of the weaker bodied man. Yet a new breed is born, those that have the mental power and physical strength to triumph over all others. Again it begins, a new generation free of the sins. Born into a word that harbors hatred toward them for simply being born. Beaten, they grow hateful and turn what was forced upon them onto others.

A rare sight the one child that grows to be unscathed deeply by man. This rare child becomes the focus of hatred from all others. They are united in the single cause to end this life.

The wisest among us examines the acts of hatred shown in everyday life. Every moment is filled with horrid violence. Be it physical, mental or spiritual. Man has sought to destroy themselves and in so destroy others as well. No ego ever wins for triumphing over one you must continue to triumph and in the end there is no true victor.

The word perfect is only valid in ones own mind. One will always, if not directly, indirectly force their idealistic view of perfection on the world.

Many speak of protecting children from abuse, yet no one seems to understand that abuse of another will harm a child by merely being present.

I have lost children of my own, lost those closest to me, lost those I considered family, and lost, worst of all, myself. To this day I seek myself yet have found parts that create what seems a whole. Yet I know deep in my dark hate filled heart there is far more missing than appears to be found.
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Wonders never cease.
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