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 I'll be around... I hope

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PostSubject: I'll be around... I hope   Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:10 pm

Sorry guys, I'm breaking my back at my moms place as that house needs a ton of work. I've got most of the necessary work done with the floor but that needs work too.

So to break this down and I'm going to bust my BALLS (/cringe) today painting the kitchen, living room, dining room, my current room, my moms room, the closets, and finally the kitchen freaking cabinets (it was a bitch taking them apart, but painting them is worse because the kitchen is small and I'll need to stand on the counter tops to get the tops. Pwnt.)

Sorry I missed Tuesday Doodles and didn't tell anyone, I didn't realize it was so late when I got home. So, I just went to sleep... ^_^

Anyways, I'll keep you posted and hopefully I'll be able to make Saturdays run.

God I miss dying all of the sudden... Very Happy

Take care! And tell conundrum to stop dying, he's a paladin they're not supposed to die; not ever.

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PostSubject: Re: I'll be around... I hope   Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:09 pm

You would've gotten thf boots too =/ They dropped and seeing as how youre the only other thf that almost has lvl and would've wanted them ; ; Oh wells~



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I'll be around... I hope
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