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 Lack of attendence

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Lack of attendence Empty
PostSubject: Lack of attendence   Lack of attendence I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2008 3:08 pm

I'm quite sorry for my lack of attendance and lack of giving warning for my lack of being in dynamis.

Truth be told I'm extremely busy and I need to get my moms front yard at least done before I settle in to slightly enjoy the rest of my summer; I'm just busy guys. I can't make excuses for what needs to be done, my mother doesn't know what to do and my prior experience in landscaping and various forms of yard work make me the best free candidate that can be found. After that I'm stuck doing the electrical which won't be so demanding, then I'll be back. Until then though, I'm a bit crunched until this Saturday which I'm taking a break from all of that work and I'll be on the run then. I'm getting whipped by a little over 100 degree desert heat, it sucks! (Yes, it's more than taken it's toll but it's given me a new found muscle definition in my arms, I look like I did when I was boxing. Bonus Very Happy )

I know I'm not letting anyone down and a game is a game. I'm not quitting, I'm just busy.

If you need anything I'll be happy to supply it if I can. If not I'll see you all very soon!

Take care,

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Lack of attendence
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