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 Dynamis/Linkshell Rules

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PostSubject: Dynamis/Linkshell Rules   Dynamis/Linkshell Rules I_icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 2:19 pm

General Rules

  • Our Linkshell is to be an environment with no arguments or negative attitude. We will not tolerate any actions that make members feel uncomfortable. If a situation/member makes you feel uncomfortable, please notify a leader asap and we will discuss the situation. No arguments or comments about members will be made in the Linkshell or you will be removed. Issues are to be dealt with in a Party or through Tell.
  • Please keep Linkshell chat to a minimum. All fun and games are to be said in /shout or /say during dynamis. We like to be able to give directions out to the Linkshell through the Linkshell chat log. If there is multiple chat going on, our directions get lost and we feel the need to use caps to get our point across. We do not wish to have the Linkshell feel that we are yelling at our members.
  • Each piece of Artifact Armor is 8 points.
  • Artifact Weapons are always free lot.
  • Listen to your Linkshell leaders in order to make Dynamis runs as smooth as possible otherwise the consequences may result in having your points for that run revoked.
  • All currency/ores dropped during Dynamis will be lotted by either myself or another sac holder in the event that I cannot make it. These coins are to pay for the runs we do.
  • Once entered into the Dynamis zone, you MUST have your hourglass in your bazaar for 1gil. This is to help if Artifact is dropped last minute and you are incapable of passing. We will not hesitate to buy your glass, immediately zoning you out of Dynamis, in order for someone to obtain their Artifact before we are kicked from Dynamis.
    (Do not put your glass for bazaar before you enter Dynamis. If you do not have your glass in bazaar, your points will be revoked for that run. If you made another glass and we attempted to remove you from the zone, you will forfeit all of the points you have accumulated.)

Obtaining Points

1 point is given for on-time attendance
1 point is given for attending the run
1 point for the win and staying to farm after the win
1 point is given to those who recruit friends. In order for you to obtain these points, your recruit must attend 3 runs. (Rule under evaluation)

(I will try my best to keep the points updated the day before each run so you can check to see what you have before going into that run)

Lotting Rules (Leaders will tell you who’s lot it is, DO NOT lot unless told)

  1. You MUST have the job and level required to wear the Artifact Armor (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR 70+ JOB ON THE ROSTER YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOT AF)
  2. In the case that there are multiple players going for the same Artifact piece and all have the appropriate job and level required, the player currently with the most points will automatically obtain the Artifact Armor.
  3. In the event that NO player wishes to neither obtain the Artifact, nor spend the points for the Artifact, the piece then becomes free lot. (Please try to be courteous; if there are people that have a higher leveled job than you, then pass and allow the higher level to obtain the item in order to help out our Linkshell. We are NOT telling you to do this, we are just asking for you to be courteous.)
  4. Once an Artifact piece is obtained, the player then loses the 8 points.

If you do not understand this point system please feel free to ask any sac holder and we will be glad to explain into further detail. Also, please be aware that Linkshell leaders do not have priority over Linkshell members when obtaining Artifact Armor.

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Dynamis/Linkshell Rules
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